THE BATTLE. David v Goliath. (with apologies to other religions)
How to start, like all these missives, hindsight gives us the answers, but the intrigue,
The anticipation, The concern, The excitment, the chaos, the ooh, I didn’t know our boys have netflix! And watch things like that.

Like all these things and overheard conversations on the way to games, sometimes its best not to know. So if you read this and wonder about the game against Letchworth 4s, be prepared for another match report that really doesn’t acknowledge the mundane bits of the game, our hockey boys are growing up fast, its great to see, and the leap to higher teams comes all too quickly but understand that hockey is always the winner, the commaradary  is special, the team spirit awesome, the development team of the club are full on and will enjoy and cope with a dodgy dance-off at Bingo between Andy and jimmy. With these guys the club is strong, and will become stronger!
So back to the game, a different formation saw two backs and a keeper become the defence, a four-man mid-field of Will, Tupps, Andy and Jacob,a way to go against well established foe, Letchworth at home are a tricky bunch...they turned up with one we allowed them a higher team member to come and “help out”....We’re Ok with that, we conceeded, its only a game after all.
Of course we acknowledge the short corner given against us from the home umpires, we are too long in the teeth to know that it doesn’t happen, but our proven history of “sucking it up” wasn’t quite good enough and our defensive short corner routine was penetrated, a goal to them...oh dear...1-0 down.
It was against the run of play i write, you have no reason to think other, as a reader, but believe me when i say the method, the atmosphere, the tackling, the impetus stayed and remained with us till half time, which was barely 15 minutes away. A wonderful display of passing, moving, passing back and releasing by Tupper, Andy, Alex and the youngsters found Joel in the D with the ball, more composed than a Bethoven Symphony, he flicked passed the goal keeper only to see the post keep out his attempt, a rebound which was snatched up by Alex, the ever present attacker, who dispatched it quicker than the keeper expected.
One all at half time, a great performance, with blood pressure rising from both sides, Jim had to remind the neutral umpires that duty of care to our under 18s meant that frustrating language
Could not be tolerated, a risky but acceptable call, and one which was accepted with Letchworth grace!
With the start of the second half, we see the flashing lights of Wales being beaten from the clubhouse telly, with the rugby being played, we start on the back foot and deal with several Letchworch attacks , a return to goal By Brett meant that we were to be succesful in our defence, three great saves by him meant that we kept our dignity intact.
Our attacking presence, evident by our new formation, saw a brilliant ball from Tupper, shelled up field, collected by Joel who duly saw off two defenders, then drew the keeper from his line, he was hooked like a skilled fisherman...( the keeper)he conceeded to me afterwards, that he knew what was happening, he had to reduce the size of the goal, although he was 6’4” and Joel 4 ‘9” he could only watch as the skillful Joel lobbed him to take the winner, David had done Goliath again, this time it was for real.
It was to remain a victory for the fourths, a brillaint display of fun and chaos!
All will become revealed when we travel next week to the same venue to paly thier 3s, surely a different bunch of players? But who knows, who cares, the three points areon the website from yesterday, we can only guess about next weeks battle. Will David succeed again?....
Our defiant bodies were: Simon Barron, jonathan (I played earlier)Below, jim Carlile, Alex Gilmore, Duncan Hodges, Will (no prisoners taken) Hodges, Andy Howell, Ben Howell, Brett (not in my net) Kelley. Paul Krafft, Jacob (netflix ) Whitby, Joel (lazy lob ‘im) Withey.