Third time lucky. After two great performances in the last two tough games which ended in narrow defeats this was a must win game for team moral as well as much needed points for the table.

Berko lined up a strong team on an overcast and rainy day in Halton against mid-table Blueharts. The first half was a bit of a scrappy affair with a lack of that final killer ball from either side to break the deadlock.
Berko went in happy at halftime at 0-0 especially with keeping the strong midfield of Blueharts in check.
The second half had the crowds slowly building (mostly the ladies 3rd team) to watch a match which continued in its scrappy manner, with a highlight of an argebargy leading to a Bluehart's player getting a yellow card to the amusement and bemusement of Berko.
Entering a last ten minutes where the game could have gone on for another hour without a goal. But a piece of magic from Pete the creator leading to a rare but quality goal from Jake on the back post. The goal was well worked and it was nice to see Monday's D training being put into action.
The superior man of the match was Ali after a strong performance.