A typical rainy early February day greeted the Men's 2s made the biblical journey to...Watford for their fixture against West Herts. Buoyed by the report of their opposition's 11-0 thumping last week, we approached the game with anxious optimism.

The game started strongly, with both sides aiming to retain possession on an incredibly bouncy pitch, Berko taking some time to get a hold of the ball. Several misses traps later, we were caught on the break, going 1-0 down from a quick bit of play. Not to be discouraged however, some scrappy work from Roger, Jason and Ben in the D encouraged the ball across the line, via several feet and clashed sticks. 1-1 into the halftime break, where Jason delivered his usual brand of encouragement, including such gems as, "Keep hold of the bloody ball!" and "Pass the damn thing!".
An inspired Berko side listened, as the second half started strongly, with Berko piling on the pressure, littering the D with passes into, around and quite often off the back line. Something had to give; and it did with West Herts keeper narrowly missing a shot on goal - the ball coming back off the post straight into Ben's path - slotted home for a 2-1 advantage.
Berko kept on applying the pressure, winning plenty of short corners, unfortunately not converting any of them. No matter; OJ's quick work around the D found sticks, James calmly placing the ball into the net. Yet more pressure, yet more short corners, none converted. OJ kept up the work in and around the D, Tom Walker joining forces to pile pass after searching pass into the danger zone. OJ's quick stick work paid dividends as he went on a meandering run around the D and across the baseline, delivering an inch perfect ball across the goal mouth for Ben to sweep in. Another goal swiftly followed, Dave's skills finally rewarding him, driving the ball into the net to leave us at 5-1 - a great result for a recovering Men's 2s team, helping to secure our position out of the relegation zone.