The title “slip week“ could bring many a juvenile giggle, but welcome to Saturday 17 February 2018.
A crucial match with Blueharts 5, which could ultimately decide the fate of the M3 was billed to be a dramatic conflict.

When there’s not regular league fixtures then teams seems to be a little stronger than anticipated, this week was no exception. Berko entered the fray with the captain, right back, left back, sweeper and right half all carrying injuries – hence the presence of Peachy Jnr, Johnson Jnr and West. Thankfully we managed to field a team to compete with a “strong M5” from Blueharts.
The 1st half saw 2 Berko players taking an early bath due to injury and reducing our sub availability to one. This loss drove a strong resolve and had little impact to the determination across the field with a solid performance in the mids and some great attacking moves from the front line. Chances were had at both ends, but we turned into half-time talk all square.
The second half saw some excellent pressure and composed build-up play from the back, culminating in Payton and Hanwell scaring the Blueharts back lines. Payton pressed hard against the Blueharts defence and brought  more than a few turnovers.
Blueharts came back with equal vigour, but Peachy jnr was up to the challenge – making sure the Blueharts right wing never broke through and developing great play on our left wing.
Johnson snr commanded well from the back and made a couple of essential saves, barking commands to the back line who fought to the last minute with Holderness and Hunt remaining strong and disciplined.
At the final whistle it was 0-0. (Probably) The best draw ever, we’ll have to see, but Dom Peach won MotM and so many were in contention. All to fight for in the final 5 to remain in 5SW.