Finally after two postponements we headed off up the A1, to the sand covered velcro pitch at Sandy, so aptly named.

Sometimes the scoreline doesn’t truly reflect the competitive nature, the level of ability, for sure, the missed chances are not recorded.
So how can we portray the game without giving the impression to the readet,  that it wasn’t a complete drubbing. The scoreline seems uneccessary now the realisation of the event is over.
Chances missed, and if you a player reading this you will remember that we have six good shots at goal before they came into our half and scored quick time before we realised it. So it was. For the next four occassions of lucky nicks and goals fell to them, there was no cheating by the oppo, no serious players playing down, ensuring success where it shouldn’t be, in reality, we missed a couple of regulars, thats how we roll. The fourths isn’t the premier team of the club, nor should it be, we tend to be supportive of each other, conscious of the young, the aspiring players of the future, keen to participate in  a club which will succeed in years to come, waiting for the next generation of skill to kick forward and carry the batton of succeess.
I’m padding it out, trying to top coat a game that is difficult to relay.
Its difficult to record an event which is,at best forgettable, so we will leave it at that.
Great cupcakes, laughter and jollity won the are we three down now?....yes i heard that, but that was then and this is now.
Well, hockey is for fun, thats why we play, regardless of the outcome. We lost the match, we keep our dignity, and gained respect from our oppos. Hockey, dignity, go hand in hand, repect of umpires and our team members is so important. We lost today, an enjoyable loss, for no one gave up, blamed anyone else, and we dealt with it.
A quiet chuckle to myself, if you will let me...I am really pleased with the fourth’s team achievement this season, for one more game, lets smash it