As the sun sets on another season it decided to shine on the final game for the 2s at Broxbourne and the usual under-layers were caste aside.

Berko won the toss and opted for possession which was maintained well early on although mostly in our own territory. We were having to work hard against a youthful opposition who started to exert pressure and win penalty corners. It was one of these that provided Broxbourne with their first goal, a well struck shot beating Nick and Robin on the left post.
Undeterred, Berko pressed on and started to give the Broxbourne defense something to think about. We (thanks Dawood) also identified one of the more experienced (old!) Broxbourne players as their key play-maker and started to mark him out of the game which helped relieve pressure on our defense.
The equalizer came from an inspired, long distance pass from Hunt at left back to the goal-hanging Payton senior who found himself unattended in the opposition D with just the keeper to beat. A good first touch and quick strike saw the ball in the net!
The 1-1 score line at half time reflected the even contest so far. However, a combination of the warm weather and lack of fresh legs, or functioning legs in Rog’s case, saw Broxbourne start to get the upper hand as the second half progressed. Berko soaked up a lot of pressure and were able to create several chances with good work up front from Louis and Toby supported by Gareth, Tom Walker, Dawood and the tireless Jeremy.
Sadly, the chances weren’t going in but at least the same was the case for the opposition. That is until, with 10 minutes to go, a controversial winner was scored. Holderness found himself under a high ball, brought it down but was robbed by a Broxbourne player who was in suspiciously close attendance! Nick wasn’t able to win the one-on-one that resulted and the goal was allowed with the “not five” protests falling on deaf ears!
A great final effort from the 2s who’ve had an up and down season to say the least! Dogged by injury and having fielded a total of 35 different players throughout the season, it’s been hard to keep a consistent side. Despite all that, there’s been no lack of effort or spirit and there have only been a very few games where we’ve found ourselves outclassed in Div 3.
Thanks for everyone’s efforts this season! A chance to rebuild in Div 4 will do us no harm at all.
Bring it on!