So we came to our last game of the season, against West Herts. Their side had already been relegated and we were comfortably placed in our league.

We had just heard the amazing news of our 3s Great Escape, winning their last game to remain in the league above us - wonderful news all round!
We started off the match with energy and enthusiasm, despite the soaring temperatures, which we had not experienced during the entire season! After 5 minutes we bagged our first goal, a ‘Paul’s ball’ finish to an infamous Wellsie drag flick, which had bounced off the keeper’s chest. Two more quickly followed, both out of the very top drawer….the first was an absolute screamer  - complete hospital pass from the half-way line from Wells and a deflection from a well-timed Doobie run in front of the keeper seeing the ball roar into the top of the goal. I don’t know who was more surprised, us or West Herts, but Doobie swore blind it was intentional!! The next was another slickly executed affair 2 touch and goal from the half way line….Wells to Whitby, Whitby diagonal ball into the D and a one-touch shot from Doobie into the far corner. West Herts were left speechless. As we approached the hall way stage, entry levels were flagging, but it must be noted that there was some super hockey being played - between 3 father and son pairings, as well as amongst the rest of the team. A game would not be the same without Jules and a bit of high drama…seeing the red mist again with one of the oppo. Nonetheless, having a spell off, there were cuddles and kisses all round and the great big softie got back in his box once more.
The second half was another story - despite taking a healthy 16 to the game, the heat was really getting to us. It must be mentioned that the absolute highlight, leading to a unanimously decided MoM vote was seeing Brett in action in goal. West Herts had a spell for about 5 minutes of literally pelting our goal with shots. None of us knew quite how he managed it, or indeed that he had it in him….but Brett was masterful, like a Commonwealth gold-medallist gymnast, contorting himself into all sorts of ridiculous positions to keep the ball out. One more goal came in the form a David Wells screamer - nearly taking half of our team and theirs into the back of the West Hert’s net with the ball. We ended the game 4-0, a deserved win and lovely to see the life-blood of our club…aka the ‘yoof’ doing such a good job in the men’s game.
Well done to skipper Jim, a great season, fielding 52 players for the 4s in total and possibly leading the most successful of all the men’s teams this year. He was quoted during the evening saying ‘…it (the results) doesn’t really matter….’ what?!* Course it does you goon!!!!!