‘Too hot for hockey’ was the cry before the game, and with only 12 players to share the 70 minutes of exertion, we were going to be putting in a shift in the heat.

Apparently the air was cooler up high and so the oppo spent a lot of the time sending the ball there. In the first half, this left us staring at the clouds, wandering around a little aimlessly. We needed to offer each other support and work hard off the ball but, just like when Moorhouse unfairly stole the attention of the bar tender from Redman at the clubhouse, we didn’t really turn up. By half time we had let in one softy, and another from a 89 degree ball in from the back line that found the back board off the pads of a disgruntled Johnson (no euphemism intended).
Johnson more than made up for the accident in the second half with a heroic save in a treacherous 1-on-1 situation. We also created many chances of our own but their keeper was electric at times and kept us as frustrated as hot dogs. Sadly, despite a much enhanced second half performance after a ‘proper telling off’ from stand-in skipper, Goodwyn, at half time, we were still the losers by 1 goal in the second half. Perhaps a fairer scoreline would have been a 3-2 but life is unfair and we suffered 4-0 instead.
MoM Goes to Duncan Hodges, cos I say so.