On Saturday the 2s braved a trip up to the wet and windy Potters Bar. We started the match of with lots of energy, despite having only the bare minimum and having to wait 10 mins for an unimpressively, unpunctual umpire.

From the sidelines our army of supporters consisted of loyal Cindy and sadly an injured Louie, who will hopefully be joining us again next week. We received a bit of a shock as Potters Bar scraped two goals past us in the first few minuets. However, we began to turn it around with some cracking passes between Jason Silver - our devoted and committed Centre Mid, who took a couple huge hits for the team, and Archie Casey - a new key asset to the team - in the midfield. Additionally, our defence became stronger with Miles doe - another new and able player, Jamie Holderness - our courageous captain, Will Alderson - left back (but not forgotten)  and of course the king of our D - Mark Johnson, all managing to keep their attack unhappy with some terrific tackles and the frequent pass around the back. The interplay between midfielders was also slick and smooth particularly the Whitby chaps. Paul - no words necessary and Jacob, well quite possibly the greatest player ever. Anyway despite being down two goals we managed to create many opportunities in the D. With Joel - often an unaccounted for threat, Toby - as skilful and dangerous as ever, doing all of the hard work, and Roger - a stable and strong shooter we could ever ask for. Towards the middle of the first half some beautiful passing in the middle allowed a space to be opened up on the right, where Jacob hit the ball in a world class shot which hit the keeper, deflected of and allowed for Toby to score a beautiful goal. With our heads held high we ended the half. After a motivational team talk from our cracking captain we regrouped on the pitch reading to fight to the death. However, after a lucky goal from Potters Bar the floodgates opened. It was as if G-d had physically lifted the pitch and slanted it so that the balls just rolled into our goal. This allowed them to score goal after goal after goal after goal after goal. However, we didn’t fully let our heads drop and we managed to achieve a couple of snazzy short corners in the second half.
Damp, defeated but not disappointed what we can take away from the match is promising. Our new team a formidable force.
Man of the match went to Miles Doe for keeping us secure at the back as well as daring up the pitch and supporting our attack multiple times.
Written by yours truly,


Congratulations for reading this far, here a few jokes:

Why is was the magician so good at hockey?
He always had a hat-trick.

Why was Cinderella bad at hockey?
Her coach was a pumpkin.

Where did Roger go when the bomb went off?