A cold October morning welcomed the M2's this week in our bid to get our first points against Hertford 2's.  Spririts were high, and Rocky had his Where's Wally jumper, so a win was surely in order? 

We started off well, holding our shape effectively, and making good use of a half court press.  The opposition moved it quickly around the back and came down the wings at speed.  A lot of time was spent with the ball inside our D, but we held strong   We had some promising counter attacks and it looked briefly like we were at risk of scoring a goal or two in this game. We perhaps could have been awarded a short - but slim pickings other than that!  Before half time closed in, we unfortunately conceded our first goal in a fairly soft fashion, going into the break 1 -0 down.
In the second half Hertford started getting the better of us, spreading it wide and driving forward en masse.  We lost our shape and unless we could get it back and our heads up again, the goals were going to start flying in again.  Great effort from the team again, with notable performances from Jacob Whitby, who's calm demeanour on the ball and passing vision helped us keep our heads, and Jonathan Below at the back soaking up their pressure with strength.  He even ventured up the field to find himself with the ball in front of Hertford's goal, but the air was too thin this high up the pitch and it was unfortunately squandered.  Paul Whitby as ever got fully stuck in, and continued the 2's weekly tradition of missing open goals.  Jason Silver refrained from assaulting any opposition, which earned him a fine.  Freddie Webb made some dangerous runs at the oppostion goal and looked threatening up front.
We conceded from a short, and continued to lose our shape, allowing Hertford to put 2 more past us, with the final result being 4-0.  Another disappointing week, and one in which we know we gave it our best shot and played some great hockey.
It's crucial now not to let our heads go down and to start taking our chances (Paytons). Man of Match: Tim Westley.