13.5 men on the team sheet turned into 11 men waiting keenly for the main man to arrive whilst the team mascot ran into a tree. El capitano arrived and swiftly left to lock his shed or something. Ollie for no apparent reason had donned himself in Freya’s leggings and was raring to go.

Clearly things would need to change, which was subtly done before pushback.
A thrust forward by Berko started the game positively but was soon turned into a short corner against. Up steps Rodders for his save of the match, literally his one save for the match. And that was that for that D. Return to catching hypothermia.
Berko then spent most of the game in control but struggling to threaten much in the goal face. A slightly wayward short corner landed on Simon’s stick which was slotted away bottom left. And that’s the way it stayed. Berko dominated, but struggled to convert.
Post match analysis was to the point and smiles from the win were nearly all wiped away. We take a win when not playing our finest but promise much more in the coming weeks.
Man of the match to Gary Stanwell for his attacking prowess and not passing the oppo.