Last year we narrowly missed out on promotion, ending on the same points as those who were promoted, but luckily having a slightly worse goal difference. Thank goodness for that, for after seven games we are still searching for our first point.

The players that took us to the dizzy heights at the top of the table, are now cutting their teeth in the threes or the twos.  Its an explanation, not an excuse. Its great to see the youngsters progress.
Easier games are ahead for us, I am sure, and this weeks performance showed magnificant determination and effort from the man of the match Brett in goal, to the always running goal scoring Tom, whose defending in our D as our centre forward, could teach a few of the older members playing higher up what defending from the front really means.
With numbers across the section down due to injuries and half term breaks, although we were missing our mid-fielf strength of the Howells and Alex Gilmore, we were lucky to pull in Jason Silver to secure our mid-field, what a player he is, and he, coupled with Paul Krafft, made a huge impact on our attacking and defensive play. James Russell featured twice on the assist list, after a fantastic run of 25 metres (a new term for yards Nick Cave) he shot at goal which was helped over the line by Tom. In the words of Tupper “those are the best goals, the ones that nearly go a foot” (he still talks old money Nick). But the important thing to note is that Tom was in the right place at the right time, a natural goal scorer in the making.
Simon Kaye made a welcome return, showing deft stick work and postional play. Alfie and Jackson impress each game, constantly running and hunting down the ball. The old guard at the back, John Nick and Ian, don’t seem to mind being drafted from the fifths,” especially if its at home, and we miss Hertford away at 4.30” point taken and well made!
Welwyn Garden City 2s were a mixed bunch of old and young, again we seem to play the second string team of a club where our “ones” play their “ones”, so its not surprising that we end up with hard fought games, and this one, was that indeed. As mentioned earlier, Brett was outstanding in goal, he certainly gets his money’s worth from his match fee,( not sure Simon Kaye does at a pound a minute!) Half time saw us 2-1 down, and a real belief that we could overcome the opposition, unfortunately they were similarly charged by their manager and came out stronger than when they finished.  We managed to find the net again, with James Russell having the assist. I didn’t see who scored for us, I don’t know why, I must have been practicing my umpiring , for I missed something obvious in the next game when I was umpiring, and I’ve a funny feeling the same player may have been involved.....
Simon Webb and Jamie Holderness umpired strongly and fairly, the game was played without malice and controlled friendly agression, our team never gives up and plays hard to the end, something which we are proud of. I guess that taking no points from the game this week, is slightly better than having minus points given to us last week by not playing.... although last week the goal difference was only five against, as opposed to the week before when it was a genuine fifteen......if you can keep up with this logic, you’r a better person than me....I’m off to lie down in a dark room, and play whale music...till next week....