The Men's 1s were up at the crack of dawn in order to get to Saffron Walden for the 10.30 push back.
After a sleepy team talk in the changing rooms, we got onto the pitch and seemed set to go.

However, it soon became clear why Saffron Walden are top of our league. Fast, clinical passing, hard running off the ball and always moving at pace.
It wasn't long before the first goal came for them and then a quick second.
2 more came before the break meaning we had a tough choice to make, keep going with 3-4-3 and try to make something of it, or revert back to the old classic of 4-4-2.
Having decided to revert to 4-4-2, we managed to stem the flow of goals, but were not able to put any past the oppo keeper despite applying consistent pressure.
Plenty to work on at training as next week, despite a more pleasant start time, we are against 2nd in the league.