They came from far and wide with new team mate Rhys and a welcome return to Nigel Edwards, Will Alderson and Jon Below.

An early start for the magnificent bare 11 as we headed to Bedford carrying a mere 5 returning from injury (Peachey, Below, Edwards, Goodwyn and Alderson).
A good warm up and we were straight out of the blocks.  Ben Moorhouse soon won a couple of short corners but our Achilles heal of being unable to convert such opportunities was again exposed.   We persevered. We pressed. We passed. We supported. We ran off the ball.  We looked ok. We played some hockey. We lost the ball. We back tracked. Bedford scored.
We kept at Bedford. We kept our heads up. We had Will, Nick, Richard, and Nigel keeping “it real” at the back.  It stayed 1-0 at half time.
We reflected. We chatted. We needed to hold the ball up front. The marking was better but we needed to stop giving the ball away. Possession hockey.
The second half saw the youngsters on the team (Rhys, Josh, Josh and of course Dubi) working their collective socks off. However Bedford started to pull us apart as we pulled two hamstrings (Alderson and Edwards). Space opened up. We tried to shut them down and despite some good saves from Nick, they scored twice more.
Good work saw more short corners won. However, we again failed to convert.
We were beaten by a better team. Despite that, it was a great game - physical but played in a good spirit. Special mention also to the two umpires.  Simba and Brian. They were excellent.
Another loss but we look to next Saturday. The hunt for points continues.
Mom. Jon Below who was excellent all game