Showdown at noon for the Men's 2s against Broxbourne. The Mens 2’s pointless start to the season called for action so the captain called up simon webb!! the captain also showed faith in the young guns of Freddy, Toby and Jacob.

A guest performance by Alex M made a positive difference.
The first half started against broxbourne. Within the first 5 minutes the opposing center forward tomahawked it onto the side netting leaving the keeper no chance. For the next 10 minutes broxbourne dominated possession and berko were on the back foot, Broxbourne used third man running successfully to penetrate the circle repeatedly.
The first short corner of the game was Broxbourne’s and it was stopped by a two handed spectacular save from an absolute rocket of a drag flick from their center forward, which lead to a legendary man of the match performance from Mark Johnson.
The rest of the team took succour from Johnson’s genius which got the 2 man crowd into the game. The Berko players responded and all of sudden they were first to the ball every time, the passes found the forwards and Toby and Freddy ripped Broxbournes back line to pieces. This lead to Silver tapping in a short corner and a Goal from payton SNR.
An unfortunate series of unusual events lead to Fred Webb getting a silly green card for throwing his stick and the ignominious award of DOD. Just before half time Broxbourne scored from a scrappy short conner to make it 2-2 at half time.
Berko started the 2nd half equally well with jacob whitby, tupper and silvers closing down the midfield and turning defence into attack. Berko created chance after chance but we lacked the clinical goal scoring from our forwards. The captain knew we should have been 5-2 up so Jamie took the game by the scruff of the neck by repeatedly driving into midfield causing panic in broxbourne’s defence and a strike from him to the back post gave payton senior a glorious tap in chance but another miss! 5 minutes later the captain ignored tuppers call from space and drove forward and provided payton with another chance, he just couldn't miss and slotted it into the corner.
The crowd, now of 5, went wild with paul whitby doing cartwheels down the sideline shouting “5 minutes to go boys, 5 minutes to go!” when there was actually 12 left to play. Berko got an injury and with 10 and a half players they faced the last quarter… wave after wave of Broxbourne pressure and short conner after short conner with no success due to an goalkeeping performance for the ages. Unfortunately a change of tactics worked and a great pass to the back post led to a goal which gave broxbourne a life line at 3-3.
And that's how the game finished. Berko take away their first point of the session but will rue the missed chances from 2 feet out.