Round 2 of the cup, the morning after Tom's Boxing Match. 
We were never going to be at our champagne best, but you can always dig deep, and sweat out the night before (Thank god, we had a few under 18's).

Credit where credit is due:
We ran and played for 70 minutes, Cheshunt didn't.
We were clinical in front of goal, Cheshunt weren't.

Berko 6 - 2 Cheshunt

We started slowly, expected, last minute dropouts to injuries from the day before.  The band of 12 'merry' men, arrived at the beautiful surroundings of Cheshunt, freight trains and Canadian geese were the soundtrack to the warm up, alongside the skippers voice of encouragement.
A very speedy start, which culminated in a couple of shirt corners, with Larry tucking away a rebound like a seasoned forward.  With the midfield struggling to contain an advancing Cheshunt, they broke quickly down our left flank and with a strong cross, the ball was deflected in at the near post.  Stalemate at half time.

The second half didn't start too well, Cheshunt had a couple of good attacks and the Berko defence did well to hold their ground, and repel the oncoming advances. The midfield, finally started to click and held the ball for long periods, enabling transfers across the pitch, creating space between the Cheshunt defence for the darting runs of Withey, Bowman, and Ormerod.  These prolonged attacks led to numerous short corners, where the old faithful worked well: An injection, a Stop and a pile driver into the corners, these left us 4-1 up with 15 minutes to go.
With the best still to come, the last 15, we were at our best (hangovers gone by this point), a superb team goal, that started from the back, triangles created all over the pitch, Pettefer was put clean through, goes around the keeper, but too wide for a sensible shot, support arrived and a pin point pass, deflected by Bowman arriving at the front post. 5-1. Soon was 5-2 as Cheshunt scored while Berko were celebrating their last goal.

Our last goal is one to really mention, as the scorer Joel Withey has been so close to getting his first for the M1, during the summer and last round of the cup.  Another bit of skill form Ormerod and Bowman down the right, led to a cross that ballooned up across the front of goal, Joel 'Barry Bonds' Withey took aim and swung baseball style, firing the ball into the top corner...

A fantastic performance from all, we move on to the next round.

Allam x 3