Mercifully the rains cleared for this clash between the upper and the lower echelons of the table.

As form would suggest Berko took the lead early on with either Bowman or Allam scoring the first of seven goals shared between them. Blueharts then earned a penalty corner , which after an initial save by Xavi , was deftly lobbed over his head to make it 1-1. This wasn't to last long as the oppo's defence struggled to cope with the pace and movement of Berko's forwards.One of whom was heard to say of Pete " he's actually really quick." .Anyway two goals shared between Pete and Oli put us 3-1 at half time.
Berko scored in the first minute of the second half effectively sealing the game as the oppo's heads dropped.They did however score another from their only penalty corner of the half somewhere in the middle of 3 more Berko goals. Final score Berko 7 Blueharts 3.
Overall a great team performance , solid in defence ,assured in midfield and clinical up front.This week's team:  
Oli Bowman 4 goals and MOM
Pete Allam. 3 goals (none from penalty corners)
Freddie Ormerod
Ali Pettefer
James Edwards
Larry Eaton
Rocky Savage
Simon Royal
Matt Prowse
Tim Langridge
Robin Page
Gary Stanwell
Xavi Bryans