This week Berkhamsted 2s went wishfully to the wet and windy wasteland of RAF Halton. Initially we had control of the game our fast plays up front creating havoc for the opposition.

Joel and Toby both weaving in and out of the opposition, and as a result Toby scored an amazing goal barely five minuets in, assisted by Alex. However, St Albans managed to find their meet and their press and constant moving caused many an issue. Yet our great midfielders of father son duo Duncan Hodges and Will with Alex Macindoe on the right, managed to stay strong and provided many an opportunity for the big man up top - Roger Payton, still as nimble as ever. Unfortunately though the men (or woman, we cannot assume) of St Albans managed to sneak in a couple of goals before half time, leaving the score of 2-1.
After a motivational team talk we regrouped on the pitch, drenched although not yet dispirited. Jamie Holderness and Hunt working tirelessly in defence to mark, tackle and clear any threat to our goal. Up top although we had lost Roger, young Freddie Webb was able to get in and between their defenders. Yet, despite heroic saves from our goalie Mark Johnson, they got another past us. But we kept our spirits and Louis in the middle continued to dance around their plays and two third of the way through the second half Joel assisted Freddie who did some mad dance pirouette thing and scored again. The match continued and the final score was 3-2.