Not very long ago, in a city far far away...

The Men's 1s travelled out to the windy planet of Cambridge, unsure of what the local population would be like other than very ready to return the favour of a home victory.
With the blue bullet parked up, it was down to Tim to provide the Berko Bus and on arrival we were ready to face Jabba the Hutt and any forces that may have come to his aid.
With only a cricket strip to warm up on, we marched as storm troopers in perfect formation.
The game started strongly with the new and improved 4-4-2 showed the rebels we meant business.
It wasn't long before the goal scoring machine came again and Allam struck up another one onto his tally.
With the press working well, we kept Royston at bay with minimal D entries and ensuring they couldn't get a clean shot away.
Shortly before the break Jeremy launched himself to get on the end of a cross at goal but instead of scoring, dislocated his shoulder! (Many thanks to the oppo spectator for taking him to hospial)
After a brief pause, play resumed but it was very even up until half time.
It was decided we were playing well, but to guarantee the win, another big push was needed.
The revolution started with Allam making another Han inspired run (Solo), cutting through the Royston midfield and defence down the wing and onto the baseline.
Yoda must have been on his back and managed to use the force to find Goodwyn waiting at the back post for a gentle tap in.
Vila then got a warning as his over-exuberance wouldn't have gone amis in the canteen on the death star.
With only minutes to spare, Prowse fired a ball into the D which again Allam managed to get a touch on, and it truly was the final laser into the thermal exhaust port.
Our first double victory shows our progression through the season and hopefully many more will come!