Every boy’s dream is to turn up at a major sporting event, to support their heros, only to find that the team are one short, “have you got your kit? Fancy a game?” Well, thats what happened today, and we were able to make James Fido’s dream come true.

Well, perhaps not so much a dream, more of a nightmare, anyway we persuaded him to join our “carcrash” season, and he showed he hasn’t lost his silky skills. With availbility at an all time low, over 30 players unable to play through one reason or another, we were grateful of his presence. On Friday, we had nine, so elected to go for the double-ups, just so we could fulfill the fixture.
Though what a fixture it turned out to be! Perhaps our best performance of the season, Rickmansworth confessed that they felt guilty at the end, as we gave them such a fright, they couldn’t believe they won.  So what happened? the first 30 seconds saw the Ricky attacker shoot wide only for the ball to hit the wheel of the goal, here we go again, we thought, but no, it was to be a big wake up call, and we drove, passed, tackled, covered ground like no other team, and had numerous attempts at goal, their giant of a keeper ended up being their man of the match. It was a real team effort, led brilliantly by the on pitch Captain of the day, Ben, who was ably assisted by young Tom, a tenacious little tackler who is getting better every game, it wont be long before he climbs the selection ladder, I am sure.
Ricky’s first goal was a “ripper”, the ball fell perfectly for their attacker who, with the shortest of backswings, nailed it passed Pete, three foot off the ground into the back corner, the first Doobi knew of it, was as the ball was coming back out of the goal. We were grateful it missed Pete as it would have taken him out of the game, a real canon of a shot. The worst bit about it?.... it was completely against the run of play. We were not down hearted, for we have experience in going a goal down....
We upped our game and were soon rewarded with numerous penalty corners, one of which Ben tucked neatly into the corner of the backboard. One all, game on.
With a few minutes left before half time, our defense was again breached, an “allright” goal that was nothing special, we should have prevented it, but like so often this season, a momentary lapse outside the 23, meant that we were outnumbered at the back...pass..pass...mishit...goal.
After two weeks of having 10-nil drubbings, we were pleased to be on top of the game, the scoreline didn’t reflect this, but we knew who was in charge of the game, and it wasn’t them!!
The second half continued on the same path, exciting runs by Toby, Alfie, Iwy and James, with balls consistently pumped through by Dawood, resulted in several ‘one on ones’ with the keeper, alas, we couldn’t find the backboard. Good, firm, umpiring meant that the game was played in good spirit, so thanks to Jason and Jo for their diligence and relaxed manner. Alfie’s commentary as he runs along with the ball is a welcome addition to the game, as are Jules’ reponses to the crowd, it all happens down here!! The man of the match went to Dawood, although seven team players had votes in their favour.( including Chris...Chris?, who the #### is Chris???)
With three games left to fulfill this season, that illusive win is waiting to be found.... Next week we are away to Hertford, the nightshift slot, they are one place above us in the league, a real clash of the titans....Again we will suffer from key players missing, Iwy is back up to North Wales, so that might be the last we see of him this season, Jules is off to watch the rugby next week, and taking a leaf out of James’ book, he is taking his kit in case England are one short.....yea right....”Which stand are you in?” we ask.....”Well, I haven’t got a ticket but will go down to Twickers and watch the game in a pub” you couldn’t make it up!
Those who wore the hallowed shirt of BHHHC were: Doobi, Alfie, Toby, Iwy, Andy, Benny, Davy, two Jimmys, Julie(?), Tommy, Petey and Dawoody.