Knowing that the fate of the 2's is sealed for the season, we arrived in great spirits and all seeming relaxed and ready to enjoy our Saturday afternoon.  Could this have been because of Roger's absence?  Nobody can be sure. 

Perhaps it was because of Hunt's comical new top-knot hair do, having recently converted to being a Hipster.
The first half saw us start well, moving the ball around at pace, and putting the opposition under pressure.  Joel, Freddie, Toby and Louis were all looking dangerous on the ball and running orbital rings around the more massive defense.   Unfortunately we could't capitalise on our momentum, and after a hard fought half of hockey we found ourselves 1-0 down.
We remained very positive and knew we could go into the second half confident and emerge victorious.  Spurred on especially by rallying calls of "let's get a f***** win while Roger isn't here" and such like.
Our first goal game from a short, which was delicately slotted past the keeper by Louis.  We now knew that the hockey gods were our side.
The defence held solid, with Jamie, Jason, Hunt, Hugo and a guest appearance from Tim lining up a strong and stable position that Theresa should take note of.  Xavi cleared the lines calmly when called upon.  We kept the pressure up with the midfield Marshall Tupper, and Chris running with intent.
Our second goal came 5-10 minutes from the end of the game, when Louis, having realised the effectiveness of the slow push as a shot, tucked away yet another short, giving us a 2-1 lead.
This was a hard earned victory that we thoroughly deserved, and came away rightfully happy with our efforts.  The game was very well umpired, and we kept our discipline tight, with nobody being shown a card.
Man of the match was Louis for his contribution to the score.
Well done the 2's!