Berko entertained Southgate Adelaide at home for our third fixture of the season. They really must enjoy playing against us. Believe it or not we still have to play them one more time!

Berko started positively with the captain asking the troops to line up at half way mark for pre match handshakes...
We had our fair share of hockey but unfortunately needed to do better in the oppo third in penetrating the D. Not long in to the first half Southgate Adelaide were awarded a short corner which deflected off a Berko stick at the post and mark could only edge it in to the back board. 1-0 to the oppo against the play.
Berko build up again playing positive hockey and trusting one another. Berko got one back through the run from the right in to the D pulled back towards top D and Will to find the back of the net....1-1! We ended first half the better team hands down.
We started the second half just as we finished the first plenty of build up play but broke down in final third. Southgate Adelaide got another goal which was a bit of ping pong as we didn’t clear the ball! Being the team playing better hockey we pushed for an equaliser and they left a player up top. Mark managed to save a 1 on 1 which was a warning to us for leaving ourselves open at the back. Despite this we pushed on to get an equaliser in the dying moments of the game. Unfortunately for us Southgate Adelaide managed to find their player up top for another 1 on 1 this time mark couldn’t come to the rescue end result 3-1 with the final hit of the play.
Game of shoulda coulda woulda in the end had we taken our chances and had bit more composure in final third. Nonetheless we played with discipline and deserved to draw at the very least.
Man of the match Simon