Playing against a large squad is often tricky.
Playing with just ten men is very hard work.
Worse still when one of the 10 is Payton Snr. with half a leg and another, young Payton who’d been off all week with the lurgey!

And compounded further by the inclusion of Moorhouse Snr. and Dubenski?
Sounds like a tale of woe but it certainly isn’t.
In stark contrast to the game at theirs, this was played hard and fast and in good spirit.
The umpires (one from each team) did a grand job and it was a great game despite the 3 - 5 loss.
Moorhouse and Dubenski fitted in like well oiled cogs, both playing out of position and in a new team,
with the interesting 10 man format, both contributed handsomely and looked every bit the two’s player.
Where have they been all season?
The Halton arena of arthritis was akin to dancing on ice and several players surcumbed to its slipperiness.
Once when a certain goal for Berko was squandered by said slippage. Undeterred we played some flowing and attractive hockey interspersed with visits
to the half way line as the Luton strikers proved infallable in front of goal. Jaeger put in a shift but was beaten 3 times in the first half by well struck goals.
Berko countered with a well struck penalty corner to the left corner 1- 3 and everything to fight for.
Then second half was a revelation. We continued to attack well and defend hard.
Jaeger made save after save as did the Luton keeper.
Two more Berko corners were converted when Luton’s runners chose the slip right and slip left instead of the striker! Big Mistake!
Some might say we squandered our chances? I’d say as a forward we were in the right place and made the chances,
converting them all will come and someone is going to get a right old drubbing one day soon!
It finished 3 - 5 as I said. Moorhouse, Payton Jr. and Goodwin had chances that were well saved and defended.
Luton were kept at bay by dogged and committed defending from Hugo Paul Jamie Jason Roderick Ben and Joel.
Will Roger Joel and Toby with Ben Hugo and Jason supporting, are a strike force to be reconed with and deserve full praise.
A hattrick for ‘jake the peg’ was no consolation and it could just as easily been 8 - 8.
Well done all for a gritty performance and one of those days that make you proud to be a small cog in our club.