So here we are, sitting on top of the world having played our last game of the season. We did it.
We made it. We battled off the “Hexiteers” who suggested we drop out of the league. We kept going.

We set our sights at rock bottom, and we over-achieved! We aimed low, and we shot wide.
But what of our final game? We arrived at the very impressive new clubhouse and astro at Hitchin, the home of the Blueharts. The match before us was a Prem B game between their firsts and Peterborough. We were treated to some wonderful hockey, which proved to be a great appetiser for our game. It was the usual last minute chaos that we have come to expect, messages pinging through that “I can only play the first half” another “I’m going to be ten minutes late” to the worst “I can play, I’m here and ready to go” (Hollows of course).
With a team talk inspired by the previous match, we talked of sharp passing, hunting down the opposition, running off the ball, creating angles, and generally playing penetrative hockey.  Then we realised that wasn’t us, so we pissed ourselves laughing, and decided we’d play our normal, headless, manic confused hockey....why spoil the season now?
It was to be a game of two halves, the first half they were all over us, and in the second half they were all over us. We scored a goal, due to the pinpoint passing of Simon Barron to the deft stick of “Fast” James Russell. Blueharts were a good side, a mix of old and young, and in the end they put seven past us. We didn’t help ourselves, on too many occasions we collected the ball, made a pass and then passed to them.  Its not been easy, we are such a transient team, a quick count up this morning shows that we have used 57 different players in our team this year, so its little wonder that we have failed to be consistent week after week. A mixture of poor availability, injuries and other teams taking key players has left us struggling to maintain a core of players.
So whilst we sit on top of the world, we also sit at the bottom of the table. We came into this season with no points, and we leave this season on no points, so in a way, we haven’t lost anything.
We’re a strong team, we’ve had to be, we’ve held up the rest of the league all season.
For those interested in stats, we scored ten and conceded 141. Success and failure are easily transposed. Did we fail to be successful, or were we succesful in being failures. Discuss.

Once again we had to rely on the fifths to help us out, so a big thanks to Andy P, and  all of them who have doubled up through the season. To the rest of the rather large squad who have endured one of the worst seasons ever, thank you and well done for not giving up, for maintaining the Dunkirk spirit combined with gallows humour. Lets all get together next Saturday and  “knock the top off a couple”, at the end of season social.