On Saturday the Mens 2nd XI headed off to St Albans to play in a Pre-season warmup for the league next year with both teams already being relegated from the division.

The game got off to a great start with half the team getting lost and turning up late to the match, but the team did get a warmup in before the game.
This ended up not mattering, Toby Peyton set the tone, putting in loads of work to get the team amped up, and pressing St Albans from the offset. This pressure led to several chances where the 2s were just unable to score. The epitome of this was Will Goodwyn’s miss, a beautiful weighted pass from Toby Peyton hit will in stride in the D, he beat his man and the goalkeeper who came out and then in the immortal words of Ben Moorhouse, “It looked like the goal of the season but then you missed.”
Because of the incredible amount of work put in by the team halfway through the second half after more chances had been created, they tired and Will Hodges played the ball into the oppositions stick who then ran it in the D and scored a good reverse hit, there are rumours that the opposition tackled with the back of his stick but the goal was given. After this, Berko pressed St Albans hard - winning a short corner which was one two to Roger Peyton on right slip who lifted the ball over the sweeping Will Goodwyn, luckily Jason Silver ran in P-spot and swept it in with a much nicer bounce. After that Berko won 3 more shorts, the first one being ramped off no.19’s stick into Will Goodwyn’s shin leading to a 16, the 2nd short was a straight strike from Roger Peyton as they stopped bringing someone out to the stopper, which was expertly dispatched into the corner. Now 2-1 Berko were not happy with that result and won a final short which was supposed to go right slip but Roger Payton made the excellent read and gave it to the open left slip Ben Moorhouse who found Toby Peyton on the right post who slotted it in.
The gamer ended
3-1 Men’s 2s win.
MOTM Toby Peyton
DOD Will Goodwyn