The second replay of the away fixture against Southgate Adelaide 1s took place in glorious sunshine.

Adelaide had already secured third place in the league. Berkhamsted languished three places from the bottom and faced relegation whatever the result.
The relative league positions were reflected for the first minute of the match as Adelaide broke from the push back and tested the effectiveness of Mark’s warm up routine. Mark held firm, and with Hunt, Jason and Paul awoken, little troubled the defence after that.
The remaining 69 minutes belonged to Berkhamsted.  Simon’s well worked press was jettisoned to keep closer tabs on their best players (easier to pick when it is the fourth match up of the season) and the youth of Freddy, Oli and Will bullied the Adelaide defence.  Some of the passing from the back and the midfield was the best of the season and Ed, Steve, Richard, Alex and Andy ran tirelessly to build attacks and keep their strongest players under control.  Goals came regularly with man of the match Will topping the charts with three, Oli scoring two and Jason and Alex knocking in one each. Now we know why Adelaide hid the goal nets in one of the earlier fixtures.
A very satisfying 7-0 end to the season and a rare clean sheet to boot. 
Team: Mark, Hunt, Jason, Paul, Steve, Ed, Alex, Richard, Andy, Freddy, Oli and Will