2 - 1 loss - The men’s 3s are improving with each half of the season but sadly it is two losses out of two. The second half against Welwyn at Halton was the best so far. Some of the passing was slick and short, and there was one memorable move down the left.  More of that and the results will come.  The goal was a good example: simple give and go's culminating in quick passes between Rizwan and Paul Whitby, with Paul W providing the scoring roar.
It was not quite enough to overturn two well taken goals (one a tennis smash) from an experienced Welwyn team.  The re-match will be different and particularly at the rate Rhys, Jacob and Freddy are improving.
A big thank you to Hunt in goal, who came off his line well a few times, and to Gary Stanwell and Umair’s dad for keeping good control of the game.
Team: Steve Redman, Bilal Chowdry, Ed Goodwyn, Rhys Hanling, Roderick Hunt, Paul Krafft, Raj Kumar, Umair Maan, Rizwan Maan, Charlie Michie, Richard Peachey, Freddy Webb, Simon Webb, Paul Whitby and Jacob Whitby