Hollows was left at the helm this Saturday due to Skipper Carlisle deciding that his loyalties lay with retired port quaffing toffs at the golf club.

Some bash that entailed some form of self flagellation on making yet another Saga holiday, and abusing their rights to a free purple rinse on Monday afternoons.

Having drawn one and won one this season, the pressure was on the freckled ones shoulders. Undeterred, and in his usual state of confidence, Skipper Hollows decided that warming up was for wimps and winning the toss was merely a foundation for how the game would proceed ...without the port quaffing Carlisle!!

Without further ado, Robbo took the push-back and the go-it-alone hero decided to run straight at the oppo... to the surprise of all 22 players in the park - yes I think Robbo surprised himself!.  After the initial shock, team Berko got with the programme and the attacking mindset was set in stone. 

It wasn't long before our defences were broken and they nearly scored.....well that's just not on, we thought....how very,very dare they.  So attack again we did, time after time ...their keeper,keeping them in the game. Robbo's frustrations were becoming more and more obvious as the oppo's (golf club ilk  member) umpire was soon to find out. 

With youngsters Jonnas (a Savage prodigy) and Gardiner Jr  keeping good width at left and right halves, coupled with pace, great skills and short accurate passes we soon started to destroy the oppo, with Robbo the Great ,slotting a 100mph shot past their keeper... back of the net!! 

It wasn't long before the short accurate passes resulted in another goal from newbie and ex-Amersham ( I've seen the light) Alastair (probably should be a 2's player) Mounsey ... whoop whoop ..2-0. 

The 4th disruptor start-ups continued with their relentless Sunday-eve carvery, with Dubie one Kabenski screaming (yes he can be noisy when he needs to be!!)  from their p-spot... Robbo the Great shelled it from 25 yards away and a cheeky dink from the Dubestar saw the ball flying into the top of their net. 3-0 zzzzz 

Complacency soon set in and they made a break for it, leaving our defence at the half-way line.. that awesome reverse stick player Hollows left Kaup for dust and hurtled back towards our own goal in pursuit. Poor GK Colin the Eddie Izzard was left in a 2 on 1 situation  so came out at the front-runner .. Hollows hurtled passed him as their 2nd player lifted the ball towards the net. The sacrificial ledge Hollows put his body between the ball and goal, with the ball ending up going out.. ..P-Flick awarded to the oppo by what used to be my friend Jon Below (thanks for umpiring and a job well done). 3-1

OK, so a cheeky wake-up call and over the trenches we went, bayonets fixed this time. Again, lots of great (reverse stick) passing from the backs through to the likes of Ben (can I call you Andy on the hockey pitch please dad)  Howell and father Andy, whose pace and distribution would embarrass DHL's global network, all the way up to the charging Alfie (better than his dad) Gardiner. Despite his composure, Alfie slotted it at the keeper but by some miracle he saved it, only for the rabid pit-bull frothing Robbo the Great to scoop if up and it bobbled into the net. Great vision - bad luck Alfie ...4-1.

Toot Toot - Half time. A motivational speech was held by the best reverse stick player in the club Hollows and back into battle we went. 

The oppo had clearly decided that they had nothing to lose and came at us hard and fast. Rik Kaup at central defence was throwing his 6ft whatever hulk at every player and ball that came his way, with his flanks Fido and Hollows trying their best to out-do him, but before long they came back at us and scored ..oopsy. 4-2 

Simon Royal now decided that he was no longer happy holding up the middle of the park all the time and started to become rather vociferous in controlling the game and constructively ordering the troops about a little more, to great effect. We were attacking again and again and before long we were somehow awarded a P-Flick too. 

Up steps .....yep ... Robbo the Great... we didn't need to look, had a team huddle, a motivational chatette and bit of team back slapping. 5-2 

They got a lucky one back 5 minutes before the end of the game .. hardly worth mentioning really ;-) 

Great game, some brilliant play from the youngsters namely Jonnas, Alfie and Ben of course (no 3rds, you cant have them!!) and a lot of fun had by all. 

Man of the Match went to .... yep ... the ledge Robbo the Great ... after he'd bought us all a pint in the bar first of course.

Thanks loads to Rog (I've forgotten my pom poms) Payton, Roger (the boss) Macklin and Dave (I'm not as good as my son) Gardiner for their support on the sidelines. 

Here's hoping that the Port quaffer will now be filled with envy and realise that there's only one sports club in Berko...and we don't do Saga holidays.