The men's 3's came up against a Potters Bar team that we labelled YFF during the post match pitch side debriefing.

What is YFF I hear you all ask, younger, fitter, faster is the answer.  This was our undoing in a game where we started brightly with some good passing and possession but ultimately came unstuck against a good Potters Bar team that had age more on its side than we did.
We lost 3-0 on a slow pitch where our skills were a match for the opposition but our speed and fitness wasn't.  We always new this season was going to be a tough one with the loss of some of the younger members of the 3's to university or the men's 1's and 2's.  This was a game where the loss of those youngsters was felt.
The bright points of the day trip to Potters Bar were the fine debut, gaining him the man of the match award, by new Paul as he has been nicknamed, the take away pizza provided for teas and the appointment of Steve Redman as men's 3's social secretary.
There is no doubt this is going to be a tough season and this was a tough game, but we kept on fighting till the end and we will keep on fighting till the end of the season.