After a run of loses, finally a win for the three's!!. We started off the game well holding the shape and putting the pressure on Hertford III who went down a man to injury after 10 mins.

The men's 2s played Saffron Walden on not the best pitch after a long winding 2 hour drive. We had a strong team especially after welcoming Archie Casey.

Firstly, apologies if there are any mis-remembered, mis-reported, mis-represented, mis-informed or just missed details on the match report, it is subject to a very nice lunch at El Pescador & a couple (ok maybe more than a couple) of glasses of the local cava.

The men’s 1s look to better previous performances and take their 3rd win of the campaign. In the way is a South Cambridge side who are also struggling to find their feet in the 2S division.

In a week in which we saw the fall of Mugabe, the end of the rocky road by the the filling of our holes, the revelation of Richard “ i’ve had a deep tissue massage” to celebrate my birthday Korn, the dreadful faux pas at the training ground, the return of the missing explorer Charlie Mitchie..