We turn up at Bedford Hockey Centre and see that they have put a Prem A game on as the undercard for our game, crowds filled the touchline (they must have got the time wrong, we weren’t on until 4pm!).

Men’s 1st XI returned to Tring this week for their clash with Letchworth. Usually a rather feisty affair, it all started on friendlier terms. Due to Tring Sports Complex Centre Arena’s multi billion-pound redevelopment, we were forced to share a changing room with them. We tried to confuse them by divulging a cunning plan to speak aloud with our tactics.

It was an overcast and dreary day but we approached our destination in Luton (nothing defamatory here!) with ever-present hope in our hearts.
Expecting a feisty game, it soon became clear that we were in one and up against an experienced Vauxhall 1st team who, to start with, out did our largely youthful side for aggression, directness and volume levels.

So on a horrible Saturday afternoon the 3’s faced Ricky 1’s. I do this report at work so may be a bit jumbled due to having to keep stopping. The match started with Ricky making quick attacks down the wings and getting the ball in to the middle of the D for attackers to latch on to which resulted in three saves in the first 8 minutes.

What a grey day, as Larry Grayson almost used to say, and as that day turned into dusk, the Men’s 5s turned out at Halton for the 4:30 slot, we know our place!