A typical rainy early February day greeted the Men's 2s made the biblical journey to...Watford for their fixture against West Herts. Buoyed by the report of their opposition's 11-0 thumping last week, we approached the game with anxious optimism.

Usually, on a chilly morning, the 10:30 fixture at Halton is the first to become a casualty (more of those later), but not this one. An early inspection and a quick call to the Hertford 6s captain meant we would give this one a go.

THE BATTLE. David v Goliath. (with apologies to other religions)
How to start, like all these missives, hindsight gives us the answers, but the intrigue,
The anticipation, The concern, The excitment, the chaos, the ooh, I didn’t know our boys have netflix! And watch things like that.

Third time lucky. After two great performances in the last two tough games which ended in narrow defeats this was a must win game for team moral as well as much needed points for the table.

A bitterly cold Saturday morning was doing its best to freeze us, body and mind. Through chattering teeth we planned to play our passing game that had been so successful in recent times.