We all fancied a day on the beach so we all went the nearest one which happens to be in Chorley Wood, who would have thought it!

Following on from a 3-0 win last week against Letchworth, It was a more youthful side that turned out against Royston 2's, less facial hair and the overwhelming smell of Paco Rabanne, but more a fine sprinkling of pimples, high pitched voices and a whiff of Lynx Africa.

The 2s started off very brightly knowing that the opposition were a weak side. We pressed up the entire pitch and had a sustained attack for a good 20 minutes.

With white socks in tow, the Men’s 1s arrived in sunny Luton. After a season of slow starts the defence stood firm following sustained attacks from the Town.

As the mist hung lazily atop the autumnal colours of the trees on the Chiltern Hills behind RAF Halton, the 5s prepared to do battle with top of the table Southgate Tankards.