Playing against a large squad is often tricky.
Playing with just ten men is very hard work.
Worse still when one of the 10 is Payton Snr. with half a leg and another, young Payton who’d been off all week with the lurgey!

With 37 men’s players issuing sick notes from mummykins, the 4th’s were drained of their elite squad having had them all seconded to higher teams – obvs!!.

Top of the bottom half of Division 9SW sat Hertford, our opponents this week. Similar to us, a mix of youth & experience, a good competitive game looked on the cards.

Tempestuous stuff as we walked onto the pitch at the Royal Masonic School to take on Rickmansworth - the gale howling so strongly that the goal kept going walkabout. 

This week Berko 1's entertained league strugglers Luton Town 1's. 2 more wins would see Berko crowned champions with 3 to play. An early start meant there were a few bleary eyes  and our enthusiasm was tested as the rain came down and made for a challenging start.