This was a scrappy game against a side we had struggled to beat previously.

On the back of our first victory, the 5s took on top of the table Southgate Tankards Y, scored 9 conceded 1 (as opposed to our scored 2 conceded a few more than that).
The 4:30 slot meant we had plenty of time to mow the lawn, go shopping, prepare for guests coming, before our game, so we were all warmed up & ready to go, but no, we lost Rhys Hanling after 5 minutes with a knee injury, this was an indication that it was going to be a tough afternoon.

After conceding 8 goals in their previous 2 games, the Men’s 5s had decided to bolster their defence by selecting 3 goalkeepers for the game against Rickmansworth 4s, then 10 minutes before the start a 4th turned up, but that was just Brett getting there early for the 4s game!

Seven days since our last match, but to me it felt like a week.
Flying high at second place in the league after three games doesn’t mean a thing, as the fixture list is a cruel mistress, where the best teams hide amongst the petticoats of future weeks.

Quite literally a game of two halves. Berko started strong with some very fluid and very quick attack play. Defending well and catching the enemy on the break regularly.