Berko came in with a 1 point advantage over second place Hertford, and with just one further game left it was effectively winner takes all for the Championship.

This Saturday’s game was a hot and well worked one, with attacks from both sides until Hertford conceded the first penalty corner of the game.

The match began under glorious St. Albans sunshine, only caveat being instead of beautiful Roman verulaniam it was Oaklands college.

Let’s just say the first half happened, they scored 5 we didn’t score any. Nuff said!
Half time, positive team talk, we knew we were better that that, we needed to push higher to counteract the way West Herts set themselves up and just pick our game up a bit.

Now in the business end of the season, we headed to Welwyn booking the March-mont-arm-s for elevenses on Sunday en route.