The Mens 3rds met top of the league Blueharts 4ths this week. With a bare 11 after notable unavailability we discussed what was needed and set about the challenge of extracting a point (or three) from league leaders in our relegation fight.

Berkhamsted turned up for the game ( in which a win would almost guarantee promotion ) with a changed line up ,which reflected the poor availability within the men's section this weekend.

Having lost 4 – 0 to Rickmansworth 1s back in October, Berko went into this match expecting it to be tough and with a healthy respect for the opposition.

Berko 1's keep the title hope alive with a 6-1 victory...
New pitch, slight detour via a school for Prof. Eaton and and eventual Man of the match Xavi Bryans.

This was a strange old game, if our stats were tracked by the Opta, we would have had 90% possession, the action areas would have been 2% our D, 8% our half, 80% their half, 10% their D, I’m not sure the heat maps would have shown too much movement apart from our youngsters who were constantly putting themselves about the pitch causing problems for the opposition.