We started off strong, playing to our strengths and for the most part, keeping possession. We instigated what we had been focussing on, passing round the back and recycling the ball when under pressure.

On a cloudy Saturday afternoon at the RAF Halton spirits and confidence were high. The captains brief prematch speech was the uplift needed from last weeks game full of goals, a spectators delight.

When a 2-0 defeat doesn’t feel like a 2-0 defeat! A very enjoyable game at Letchworth for the Men’s 5s ended in a 2-0 defeat, but in a very closely contested game we could have come away with more.

Oh what brave and ferocious beasts Lions are. So proud, powerful and untamed. Defiant unto death. With razor sharp claws to tear defences asunder and a vice-like jaw to clamp onto the opposition and crush them into oblivion.

A tough, but enjoyable season continued on the same vein yesterday as we took on the might of Shefford and Sandy 3s.