Do you know what an oscilloscope is?
It measures electrical stuff in waves, up and down and it’s that sine wave that visually describes the M2’s to a T.

Overheard in the carpark “Who is this misfit? If only we had a decent captain we wouldn’t have to bugger about with all this stuff and nonsense”

With numbers tight across the club this week, the Men’s 5s were looking at playing with 11 against a strong Letchworth side, but with Julian Laxon becoming available last minute, we were able to start with a very strong side ourselves.

Berko M2's travelled away to Stevenage 1's, for what was to be a close fought match; both teams having similar records and positions in the league table so far this season.

Unusually for us, we were first out of the blocks today and had most of the possession for the first 10 minutes.