On a cold winters day Berkhamsted made their way to Stevenage to play MBDA . MBDA are a one team club attached to what used to British Aerospace.
Consequently they have far greater range of ability in their team than is usual for League 7SW. 

One of only 2 BHHHC matches on this weekend due to the weather causing cancellations.  A hardy Men’s 2s made the bleak trip through snow filled skies to Cheshunt, to take on the unbeaten and top of the table, Cheshunt Men’s 1s.

Before we started our final game of the year, we discussed how we had never beaten Harpenden, but had only ever drawn against them in the previous three matches, so we all knew this would be a tough match.

A grotty old late afternoon greeted us at St Albans, with considerable unavailability it was fortunate we could be assisted by other players from the club.

The details of this match report may be different but the sentiment is very much the same as last week. How did we lose that?!