Interestingly, in numerology the number 11 is considered the master number, as it carries a "vibrational frequency of balance" and also signifies invention, refinement, fulfilment and vision within a person. In astrological terms, 11 is considered to strike a balance of emotion, thought and spirit.

An understrength Berkhamsted turned up to play an in-form West Herts 3rd XI with a couple of new faces to the normal line up. Chris Hutchinson made his debut for the 1’s after a couple of season out of the game and Alex Macindoe stepped up from the 2nds.

The morning forecast had not looked positive for the M3’s home encounter to the Lutonians but that was certainly not the predominant spirit of the brave fellows that took to the hallowed sands dunes of Tring school Astrodome.

It’s celebration time for the 5s, after 7 games & over 550 minutes of hockey, the Men’s 5s score a goal!!!

A clash of the titans it was not. When the top of the league play the bottom of the league, its always going to be tricky and today was no exception.
Southgate are a side in the wrong league, they are a young, well worked team, full of under 16s, coupled with a few experienced thirty somethings, promotion is easily within their grasp, and this will be their fourth promotion in succession,