A strong fourths side went down 4-1 to a physical and skillful Rickmansworth 2s side. We set off to meadowcroft to try and recapture our winning ways prior to the christmas break. Alas it was not to be.

With Captain Goodwyn out from too much Apres skiing - ouch my Achilles hurts!! and Lieutenant Kaup out with a hangover - ouch my ankle hurts!!  Sgt Webb arose from off his sofa like a phoenix arises from the ashes.

A two goal fightback that earnt a point against a strong St Albans team certainly wasn’t a bad way to start 2018 for the Men’s 3s.

The novel sight of a Halton pitch devoid of ice for a 1030 PB was surely a good omen for the M2s “Mad Hatters”, who were looking to get the 2018 half of the season back on track.

There are some games where you just have to put your hands up & say we were beaten by the better team, this was one of those occasions, Welwyn Garden City 3s were the better team.