When they knew the Men’s 5s were coming to St. Albans they decided it would be prudent to put their Men’s 1s on the undercard, just to whet the crowd’s appetite for what was to come. As we watched the ball fly from stick to stick, the players run at pace from end to end & a lovely reverse stick flick over the keeper to score, we thought, that’s all a bit unnecessary, we’ll show them how real hockey is played!

So we came to our last game of the season, against West Herts. Their side had already been relegated and we were comfortably placed in our league.

On a wet Sunday in St Albans, the men’s 3s went into their match knowing that only a win would continue their hope of escaping relegation to Div 6. We were ready for the battle for our survival.

The Great Escape
After a long, cold and wet season the team were greeted to an uncharacteristically warm & sunny Tring astro for the crunch match against West Herts 5s.

As the sun sets on another season it decided to shine on the final game for the 2s at Broxbourne and the usual under-layers were caste aside.