The weather couldn’t spoil this trip to Hertford for the men’s 2’s and we were keen to play. Always a big ask, as it was only heroics from our 1s last year that saw Hertford fail to earn promotion out of this league on the last day of the season. Ha ha ha.

With numerous games called off due to sub-zero temperatures in the morning, coupled with a thirsty squad looking forward to the team's Christmas Curry in the evening, we were hoping for a cancellation in order to have a cheeky warm up session at the clubhouse, but it was not to be.

With the cold snap upon us, we were fortunate to be playing in the warmer climes of North London. Unfortunately, we were up against one of the unbeaten sides in our division.

Witham were second in the League, but it had been a close game at the start of Season so we knew were in with a good chance.

The road to success is laid by Wellsy and Iwy!            
Yes , can you believe it, not content to upsetting the potholes of life, in which we drive through weekl y up the avenue of hope and enchantment, but Wellsy and Iwy were a perfect combination to “curb” the opposition, dig out the trenches of adventure and lay down the perfect road to recovery.