On an unexpectedly warm day Berko 1's entertained last year's fellow relegated West harts 3. Both teams looking to bounce back and return to League 2S next year.

We drove through the driving rain on the M25 to arrive at a sun drenched pitch in Bishops Stortford.
With availability apparently low this week throughout the club, we were boosted by four stalwarts from the fifths, a 10.30 pushback in Stortford is never an attractive prospect, so we were grateful of their assistance.

The Men’s 2s travelled to one of the furthest games, Shefford and Sandy on Saturday.
We were full of hope once more, with another newly-formed team and the weather was glorious!

On a much warmer and sunnier Saturday afternoon the third XI gathered for a welcome home match with their opposition being Letchworth.

So, it was wet, wet, wet this week, but when love is all around & the guys had a keen look in their angel eyes, I was wishing I was lucky & it wouldn’t be goodnight girl with a sweet surrender or a sweet little mystery that somewhere somehow we would lose today.